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The objective of this course is to focus attention on the factors that must be considered when dispatching energy and ancillary services under competitive market conditions. Procedures are indicated for a typical ISO, noting that detailed methodology will vary with different locations. After completion of this course, the participant will be able to understand and apply the following concepts in day-to-day work activities.

• Composition of the total power flow throughout the ISO system at any hour of the day

• Preparing the day ahead generation schedule and demand schedule

• Must run units for technical reasons, i.e. some hydro, nuclear, and co-generation units

• The generation bid process

• Calculating the least cost dispatch program for different hours of the day

• Estimating the market clearance price (marginal price) for each hour of the following day

• Dispatch of individual generating units by ISO, or by the GENCO local dispatcher

• Load flow study to identify congestion areas and other transmission system problems

• Adjustment of next day schedule to produce the constrained schedule, allowing for transmission limitations

• Scheduling of ancillary services, including regulating capacity, operating reserve capacity, stand-by capacity reserve, supply of reactive power, and black-start capability

• Real time adjustment to scheduled energy and ancillary services to meet changing conditions and imbalance between scheduled demand and supply

• Updating the schedule at five minute intervals through activation of the « least cost dispatch program »

• « After-the-fact » reporting to provide each participant with actual operating parameters and provisional energy prices for each settlement period

• ISO activities under emergency operating conditions

• Conditions related to a system alert, system warning, and system emergency

• Suspension of commercial market activity by the ISO during major system collapse

• Load curtailment and load shedding procedures

• Advantages and obligations related to interconnection with other control areas and ISOs

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