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This course is designed to help hedgers, purchasers, managers and risk management support personnel in the energy and energy consuming industries gain a more detailed understanding of the instruments, tools & techniques available for energy hedging.

You will leave this course with a solid and immediately useful understanding of:

·Hedging venues—Futures, Options & Derivatives

· Category of trades—outright & spreads

· Margin requirements

· Contract settlement

· Marked to market

· Volatility

· Stops and Position Limits

· Fundamental & technical analysis

· Trading Systems

The Energy Management Institute (EMI) is the foremost innovative professional services firm providing insight into the energy future. EMI uses its specialized energy market expertise to bring a wide array of services and products to energy professionals. EMI is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and exciting training experiences available to energy professionals. EMI is an education partner with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), providing training to the domestic and international exchange communities.

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